Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Computer Support a phone call away.

Each one of us use computer today. As it has become an essential and undetachable part of our life. It can be in any form be it mobiles, laptops, desktops, or any other device. They all are inspired from the same technology.
Computers today do lot of things for us like save data in a soft form, multitasking by helping us carry us number of operations simultaneously thus saving on to our energy and time. Connecting to people or friends or relatives has been now very easy as well. In no time you can reach or talk to anyone using the smartphones or internet or calls.
What when these machines start creating problem, start performing sluggish or do not work at all? There are times when we completely get stuck and do not understand what to do. Either we have to call a technician and wait for them to visit or we have to take it to a shop where the engineer can fix it and can get back to normal. To get it back to normal they would normally format the computer. Formatting causes loss to data or if the data has been backed up loss to the personalized settings and software’s installed on the computer. These activities involve lot of time and energy being wasted which could have been used to do more productive work.
To suggest you it is always a good idea to take an AMC to avoid such situations which is available just a call away so that you do not need to wait for a technician to fix it. Just one call helps you to get technician fix the issue instantly. This is not all. Such technicians also take care of your computer by calling you regularly at specified intervals and ensure your computer is optimized for full performance so as to save you time and money.
The greatest advantage you get when the technicians helping you are Microsoft Certified as they understand the root of the issue. Being have studied windows and it roots from the scratch they understand where the problem is and fix it instantly and permanently ensuring no data loss happens. Also, the system in this case is not required to be formatted due to which the time taken to fix the issue is less. Also, they ensure to educate you why the problem occurred and how it was fixed.
Being certified from Microsoft and fully trained by Codeslab they ensure if any other issue has occurred on the computer also gets fixed and they do not occur again. Any kind of virus of spyware attacks that you face or your system is vulnerable to it are also fixed by them.
This is not all they also help you install the licensed version of antivirus on your computer without having you pay anything for it.
On corporate computers it is very important the machines are used only for the purpose for which they have been provided to the employees. Following corporate policies is a must but when it comes to employees there are instances when the policies are overridden and misuse of the computer and internet is done. These Microsoft Certified technicians from Codeslab ensure such things do not happen by applying policies as per company requirement. They also support in networking, any kind of printer issues etc. Want to know more visit us at